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GoEuro Touts Growth in Ground Transport But Sees No Profit in Sight

So the startup, like other startups and mature companies, needs to build more direct and repeat business. The company declined to share metrics. “You have much higher frequency use of inter-city rail and bus,” said Shaam, anticipating repeat sales. The company has explored more cost-effective supplements to search engine marketing. In fall 2016, Shaam had discussed the possibility of brand advertising. This past winter the company sought to hire a marketer who, according to the job description, could help with co-branding efforts or arranging for deals to have GoEuro installed by manufacturers of devices or vehicles. The company has explored other revenue streams. After the fundraising, GoEuro built a business-to-business service, where it offers its inventory to third parties via an API (application programming interface), or a method used for sharing data). In 2017, it began powering search results on Qunar, the sister travel brand of China-based online travel giant Ctrip. The company made a big deal about the move last summer. But it has not signed up any other providers to the service.

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You'll Never Believe How Few Airlines Fly Into North Korea

1. Most people travel to North Korea via China Your route will probably take you through China. | Axz66/iStock/Getty Images If you want to travel to North Korea, chances are good that the most convenient route will take you through China. As a Swedish travel agency named Korea Konsult explains, “The overwhelming majority of foreigners travel to North Korea via China.” Beijing is the city many travelers connect to catch a flight to North Korea, though you can make the connection in several other Chinese cities, as well. (Remember, you can’t travel to North Korea from South Korea, or vice versa.) Also in Beijing, you can board a train that will take you to Pyongyang. Alternately, you can fly to North Korea from Russia on one of the flights between Vladivostok and Pyongyang. Next: This is one of the airlines that sometimes operates flights to North Korea.  2. Air China operates flights to North Korea — sometimes Sometimes flights are suspended. | Rebius/iStock/Getty Images Air China has had an on-and-off-again relationship with North Korea. The airline goes back and forth between flying to Pyongyang  and suspending flights into North Korea.

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